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Grinch Lyrics – Dax

Grinch Lyrics by Dax
Dax presents his New Song Grinch & the lyrics of this song are penned by Dax. The song is produced by Lex Nour Beats & shot by Logan Meis. 

DAX – Grinch Lyrics 

First off fuck Santa Claus, he ain’t never done shit for a nigga like me
People been hating on me since I was like three
Just because I was different and my skin was light green
Hating and spreading rumors all over IG
I see them coming for everything that I be
Trolling hard and making fun of my teeth
My skin, my hair, and the fucking way that I speak
‘Twas the night before Christmas, all through the house
I sat in my room, alone with no spouse
Scrolling on my phone, comparing myself
To people who don’t put no food in my mouth
Looking around, jerking off
To Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans account
While scheming the system and faking depression
So I can get rich just to double my clout
I’m tired of Christmas, I don’t want a present
Can’t wait for the future, I’m done the past
I’m fucking up Santa on sight if I see him
I’m punching his belly and kicking his ass
Rudolph can get it that red on his nose
I get put on his head if he’s talking that trash
Donner and Blitzen, then Prancer and Vixen
And Comet and Cupid and Dasher and Danc’
Santa gon’ think I’m a psycho
I’m dunking these cookies like Michael
I’m fucking Ms. Claus then I’m posting the vid
So your hoe hoe hoe is viral
Life is viscous cycle
Karma comes around and bites you
This for everybody who was mean
And bullied me down in Whoville back in highschool
Listen, I’m not ugly, it’s acquired taste
My hams greens with eggs and steak
I max out on my dawg, I’m scamming
Unemployment out in several states
I drive stick, I don’t need a sleigh
Need no hooks cause I’ve mastered bait
And I’m so good even Santa plays
This song on Christmas
No hands when I’m taking a piss
No condom when I’m fucking ya bitch
In and out like the burger I’m saucing the patty so buns on my dick a stick
I don’t need fire to heat my crib you dumb fuck I’m already lit
And the only time you’ll ever rap better is when you wrapping Christmas gifts
I wanna know if naughty or nice
I bet you pray on the downfall of others like me whenever you sleep at night
Fuck this society, everyone acts like they’re perfect while judging another’s life
You don’t qualify to judge on what is wrong from right
Oh my god, I’m bout to throw a massive fit
A punch I don’t care if you’re a a pacifist
I’ll pass this fist like a perfect Steve Nash
Pass assist you straight ass all you pass is gas
And if I do the math you’ll never be half of half what my active is
I’m captaining you cap that’s asterisks to say you should never try to be an activist
Let me explain my pain and why I’m going insane
And why ya negativity energy’s penetrating my brain
I gotta fetish for deadish I’ll JJ Reddick ya face
For speaking plethoric rhetoric on a veterans name
Don’t ever speak on my green unless it’s money I’ve made
And if you do it a-g-g-gain Ima k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-kickin’ ya face
Then take my bodybuilder body run and pick up the pace
Back to my cave up the mountain where I’ll kick up my legs
I know you’re sick of how I innovate
Santa has been jealous looking for ways to eliminate
You can suck this dick STD if you abbreviate deviate
Abracadabra you keep on talking you’ll disintegrate
I’m dissing the great chimney sliding
Milk cookie diving, sleigh driving
Elf and high-fiving, jolly fat smiling
Guy that rides private without no license
G R I N C H I’m all green
Not clean spray me with Lysol
I’m depressed that’s okay
I take drugs to pick me up like groundballs
You can tell by my eye-eyeballs
I self loath so much I might call
1-800-got-junk and tell them I think I’m suicidal
And if they don’t pick up I’ll kill myself and then I’ll go viral
Then tell God we need a Grinch chapter in next year’s new age Bible
Then get spiteful look at earth and see all of my haters living life so seek revival
And kill them and all their friends on my arrival
And once I arrive you should pray I decide not to come for your neck
Do not be corgile and smile in my face, you’re a snake and I’ve heard all the lies that you spread
Do not say sorry or act like you made a mistake and pretend that you want to be friends
Cuz now it’s too late and the shit that you’ve said are the words that have driven me over the edge
Now I see red, now I see bullets in unison traveling straight to your head
Now I see people in pain, their emotions are withering, hanging just by a thread
You should of left me alone, the unknown was the thrill you were searching for but now instead
I’m lyrically piercing your flesh for that thrill and I’ll do it again and again and again
Look in the mirror, there is no reflection cause you’re getting sick
You hate on everyone, you selfish narcissistic fucking prick
You’ve destroyed me with your words, I might just cut off both your lips
And then go trans and cut my shit if it means you’ll get off my dick
This is the end of Grinch Lyrics by Dax. Please feel free to comment below for any corrections.
Grinch Song Details:-

Singer – Dax
Lyrics – Dax
Produced by – Lex Nour Beats

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