Lil Darkie has released the latest track Hanging with my phone charger from SWAMP Album. Lyrics of this song are written by Lil Darkie and the song is produced by MKULTRA.

Hanging with my phone charger lyrics -  Lil Darkie | SWAMP Album

Disclaimer, do not kill yourself and blame it on me ..
This is where the tag would go if this was a TRIPLESIXDELETE beat
Shoutout MK ..
Huh, huh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ..
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, huh

I can't lie
When I see you on the internet I want to die ..
How did God let something so retarded come alive?
The way you're movin' like a fruit fly that wants some pie ..
Givе it one year, your career just won't survive
Run that back, nigga, run that back
Can't front, that pack
Bitch, I want that back
Mеditate so I'm a one eyed fag
Bitch, you had your shot, bitch, you had your chance
Go do that dance
Go pull down your pants, my dick in your hands
So suck that shit
You gon' have to go for longer, I don't bust that quick
Bitch, touch that tip, my nuts inside your lips
My cock fucking up guts and busting ribs
I'm just tryna fuck, bitch, I cannot lie
Every time I see you on the internet, I want to, want to die
Yes, I want to die
Every time I see you, I feel terrible, I want to cry
I don't like you rappers, you so lame with all that clothes you buy
I don't need no blow, don't need no ho's, don't need no .45's
You gon' be 45 still suckin' dick for some love
For some clicks, for some bud
What's up, bitch? ..
Don't say shit, you a fake nigga ..
There ain't no conversation to make with ya ..
Fuckin' with too many niggas, I should diss myself or somethin' ..
Fuck from around me, you are cloggin' up the plumbin' ..
Swamp big as fuck, look what my psyche becomin' ..
Hate fill me up, on my skull it get to drummin'

I want to die
When I see you on the internet, I want to die
When I see you, when I see you, I want to die
Yeah, yeah, yeah
See, see, see, I will die
Die, die
Yeah, yeah

Hanging With my Phone Charger Song Details:-

Singer - Lil Darkie
Lyrics by - Lil Darkie
Produced by - MKULTRA
Album - SWAMP

Hanging With my Phone Charger Official Song Video

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