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Throat baby lyrics – Lil wayne ft Rich the Kid

Lil Wayne has released his latest track Throat Baby from No Ceilings 3 B Side Album. Lyrics of Throat baby are written by Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid

Throat Baby Lyrics

Feel like we popped the best meds in the world, don’t it?
She want that medicine dick, bustin’ nuts and she act like a squirrel on it
And my shit ain’t never been bit
I get up in that pussy with passionate dick
She can never forget, this that elephant dick
Uh, go ahead and sit on it
I took my thumb out her ass, and had shit on it
I know she feel it all in her arteries
I paint her face like an artist
She smokin’ on D like my barrels
I need me a bitch with a twin like the [?]
She lick on that top, to the tip it’s a hollow tip
Fuck IG, let’s make a porno flick
I likе big pussy on some soprano shit
Monkey on this banana clip
Messy lil clit, whеre this Lil’ Joe?
Hold on, hold on real quick
We have sex on the beach, go where nobody knows
We got sand on our feet and white sand on our nose
Two nights ago, came in you twice and more
You say, you like some more
I know you nice and slow
Ooh, you a angel
Swallow the cum and say, “Thank you”
I say, “De nada, mi amore”
She wants some Topanga, let me get my dreads out the way
I’m a casket, put the pussy dead in my face
She pull a dick out while I’m sleeping
I’m having wet dreams, she forgot her bikini
Ooh, now she topless, but like champagnepapi
I start from the bottom, I’m the pussy monster
Might not love her, so when I fuck her
I put both hands on her neck and remind her
“Love the way you walk, love the way you talk” (Talk)
All the bands on me like a broke gettin’ a boss
She’ll suck a bag hard but the dick goes soft
She just choked on a dick but a nigga dozed off (Dozed off)
Michael Jackson, had her diamonds dancin’
I’m the boss, wake up, make her buy a phantom
Say he rich forever, so they really can’t stand
Tell her, “Suck the dick with two hands, I’m handsome”
When I pull up, take a bitch, ain’t no ransom
He ain’t drop a hit, he ain’t got no anthems (Woo)
It’s the plain Patek, I’m a rock, no random
She just ran the money up, now they can stay here
Might take a bitch to my momma spot (Momma spot)
She was a freaky, she licked me like a lollipop
All this water on me, no, that I keep ’em up
All these cars, it’s a G comin’, flex a lot (No, Baby)
You bad, let’s swallow them for me (For me)
Oh, your need (Your need)
You had the pay, I got a freak (Freak)
All these diamonds on me kickin’ like Bruce Lee (Yeah)
Rich Forever, Young Money, the movie (Young Money)
With my dawg, no shaggy and scooby (Yeah)
New Bugatti, I was ridin’ with Tunechi (Rich)
No babies, you better swallow it for me
On your knees, you had to pay, I got it free
No Ceilings, yeah
This part 3, she OAT
The GOAT, baby
Throat Baby Official Music Video
Throat baby Song Details:-

Singer – Lil Wayne ft Rich The Kid
Lyrics by – Lil wayne ft Rich the Kid
Album – No Ceilings 3 B Side

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