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211 Lyrics - Casanova ft Snoop dogg

Casanova has released his latest song 211 featuring Snoop Dogg and lyrics of 211 song are written by Casanova whereas the song is produced by Freshbeatz.

211 Lyrics 

This a 211 on a motherfuckin' opp
Niggas know my body everybody gettin' shot
Last nigga played I cleaned him up with the mop
That was '07 in the gamblin' spot
I aced to the deuce I told him "Suck my dick"
When I was locked up he tried fuck my bitch
I took a step back then I bust my grip
I love that fuckin' deal all I did was dust my 'prints
I'd rather get rid of my wife
Rob a nigga with that gun the same night
Got his head cracked he was slippin' rollin' dice
Walked up on him calmly like "Nigga that chain nice"
'Cause you know I get hyped
When I kick in the door wavin' the four-four
I ain't had no money I still ran up in the store
Burner to his jaw
Stupid motherfucker take the money out the drawer

Papi tĂș robaste la tienda mala
Te voy a matar a tu madre y tu pai'
Shut the fuck up you movin' slow
I think this nigga dont understand how this movie go
What you said about my mama?
Shut the fuck up uh take that

Welcome to the Terrordome
Bustin' at your fitted cap shootin' at your hair and bone
Beefin' since way back niggas know the shit I am on
Fuck this house party cuz niggas ain't gon' make it home
Know this bitch nigga dont matter where I get you
I ama grab the special turn around and stretch you
Keep that same energy hidin' with your niggas (I dont give a fuck)
Nigga they gon' get that same penalty
I ain't tryna sort 'em out I dont know the difference
Bitch niggas all get it one clip one visit
Two shots two missing
Lord help me I ama give 'em hell
Gotta lay 'em all down 'cause they will tell
Fuck 'em I finish up and swerve out
Lookin' for an alibi niggas got the word out
Shootin' like it's Palestine shells on the front line
Neighbor saw hella crime fucker should've been gone
Nigga saw my L plates 1's on the scene
Quit drivin' get a phone call it's my nigga
(Aw fuck where you at cuz?)
Nigga I am on some Crip shit
Finally found that nigga caught him slippin' had to set trip
(Damn what'd you do?)
Laid that whole motherfucker down
Front backside everywhere they goin' spin rounds
Fuckin' foolio
Caught him slippin' he was movin' slow
Crip-hop 'til they drop that's how the movie go

Call my cousin Casanova let him know the movie done

Official Music Video

Song credits:-

Track - 211
Singer - Casanova ft Snoop dogg
Lyrics by - Casanova
Produced by - Fresh Beatz


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