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Be Gone Lyrics – Natalia Volkodaeva

Natalia Volkodaeva has released her latest song Be Gone with an official video on her youtube channel. Lyrics of Be Gone song are written by Natalia volkodaeva and music of this song is given by Eren Cannata.

Be Gone Lyrics

I’ve been here i’ve have lived this one
the place of chilling raving pistol
aimed to my heart
when i’m most open
what do you call it ?
hate or worship ?
Oh.. I feel so lost
I feel so thrown
in sea of your callous love
Oh Oh.
this feeling alone is not what i’ve sought
let’s close this chapter and move on..
In a world of fakes i thought you were real
not fabricated not engineered 
i thought you are different but 
you are too scared
with eyes for all things masqueraded 
Ohh i feel so cold
i feel so drawn
in sea of your callous love
oh oh
this feeling of fraud is not what i’ve sought
let’s close this chapter and move on..
Be Gone..
Sorry, someone somewhere failed you
Leaving pieces of you shattered
use the nails they have against you
to hold it
hold it
like a stone
time is my best companion ever
even we had something rare
my sky won’t be black forever
It’s time for me to go.
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Song Credits:-

Song Be Gone
Singer Natalia Volkodaeva
Lyrics Natalia Volkodaeva
Music Eren Cannata
Label Natalia Volkodaeva

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