Mac Ayres has released his latest song Brand New and its lyrics are written by Mac Ayres for his new Album Magic 8Ball. The song is produced by Distro Kid.

Brand New Lyrics

So much for what we knew
The guns that we are sticking to
Have none left to fire

No one to tell us when
When it comes around again
Its always on time

But did you see the sky fall?
Did you see the world that's been calling for you?
Did you hear the birds sing?
Were you loving all the things that you do?

They say, oh I know what they say
They tell me this too shall pass
But if things oh they never last
I guess I am starting brand new
I'll be starting brand new

Official Music Video

Song Credits:-

Song - Brand New
Singer - Mac Ayres
Lyrics by - Mac Ayres
Produced by - Distro Kid
Album - Magic 8ball

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