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Last Day In Lyrics - Kodak Black

Kodak Black has released his latest track Last Day in under his youtube channel. Lyrics of Last Day In song are written by Kodak Black and this song is produced by Derek Garcia.

Kodak Black Last day In Lyrics

Everybody be like goin' crazy with this autotune and shit
I dont need no tunes for the auto
All I am missin' is you

I done made it out that fire like it's magic
If you ain't with me I dont wanna see you happy
I am just tryna spend my Easter in Miami
My baby told me stay out the way and stick to rappin' yeah
Now why you got the money for if you gon' waste it?
Lil' Kodak ain't you tired of livin' crazy? Boy you famous now
I am just tryna spend my Easter in Miami
And I need it on my first day out bitch that's my last day in
I am in all kind of shit I am chillin' at the Days Inn
I have been prostrating prayin' I dont get prosecuted
I cant believe that you can really leave me lonely
You dont even call to see if a nigga hungry (Yeah)
I done stood up in that water with all kind of divers
I done made it out that fire like a firefighter
I am in Cleveland quarantining with a baddie
We ain't poppin' out 'til they find a vaccine
I told my lawyer boy I love you like a daddy
And I ama catch a charge before I let them take advantage of me
I done came home so much I already know they tired of me
Ran up out of prison I ain't say bye to nobody
I want sushi then some coochie no more lunch trays yeah
Had to stop showin' everybody where my momma stay yeah
Trump just freed me but my favorite president is on the money
All they hatin' precedence has become evident to me
Tryna quit takin' trips with the carbon
But I know you niggas won't miss the chance if you could harm me yeah
This my first day out bitch I wanna have a massage
Ain't no rumor I keep shooters in my entourage
Got the white bitch talkin' like a nigga home
I be runnin' with the Z's like I am Piccolo 
Spend my Christmas in Miami yeah Caresha Brownlee
They ain't even wait 'til you went to prison they left you in the county
I been savin' up the money on my Sundays
Know you only wish for you to see me sufferin'
Whatever I spend on you is less than what you makin' me
Who spent the biggest bag on you? Girl dont play with me
'Cause I dont want to have to show you that I love you baby
If you ever cheat on me guess what I am gon' do baby?
I dont know I think it's over for this rap game shit
This my first day out the joint so that my last day in

Yeah so I was on the horn with my momma
You know that's my Z queen
And she like "Son you got a beautiful voice"
I was blowing to her sayin' this to her and shit
Say this my last day in know what I am sayin'
Yo ta tiye m tou tonè kraze m pap pran prizon
Yeah so creatin' a healthy and a happy lifestyle
I am so proud of myself and how far I have come
Always kept it real even when no one's lookin'

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Song Credits:- 

SongLast Day In
SingerKodak Black
LyricsKodak Black
MusicDerek Garcia

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