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Magic 8Ball Album Songs Lyrics & Tracklist

After the break of two years, Mac Ayres is back again with the fourth Album named “Magic 8Ball”. This project consists 8 song and their lyrics are written by Mac Ayres only. 

Magic 8Ball Album is all about love, heartbreak and loneliness. This album was first announced on 16th December through Mac Ayres Instagram. Before release, Mac Ayres shared a long post about Magic 8Ball Album.

Instagram Post by Mac ayres about Magic 8 Album

“Magic 8ball… a love letter to loneliness. A real time documentation of the growth I experienced this past year. This project is for anyone who needs it. It’s as honest and vulnerable as I could be. It’s an exploration of new sounds and ideas. It’s another installment in a discography that I take a lot of pride in. This isn’t another Drive Slow, Something to Feel, or Juicebox. As artists and people we are always changing, growing, and transforming. But at the end of the day, I am just a guy who loves writing songs. This project has no genre, no overly deep story about the meaning of this project. Just the absolute best tunes I could write in 2020.

Magic 8Ball Songs List and Lyrics

Songs Singer Lyrics
Sunny & 62 Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Everytime Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Nothing Else Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Almost Home Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Where you goin tonight Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Sometimes Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Never Let Me Go Mac Ayres View Lyrics
Brand New Mac Ayres View Lyrics

Magic 8 Ball Album 

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