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Dopamine Album Songs & Lyrics

Ay Em has released his new Album and named it “Dopamine”. It includes 10 songs with appearances from several artists like H. Moneda, Backroad Gee, Avelino and Ard Adz. Lyrics of all the songs in Dopamine album are written by Ay Em.

Dopamine Album Songs List and Lyrics

Song Singers View Lyrics
Can’t Wait Ay Em ft Avelino View Lyrics
Public Ay Em ft Ard Adz View Lyrics
Goyard Ay Em View Lyrics
Myself Ay Em View Lyrics
Together Ay Em View Lyrics
Gladiator Ay Em View Lyrics
Jon Snow Ay Em ft Backroad Gee View Lyrics
Twelve Ay Em View Lyrics
Brick in an uber Ay Em ft H Moneda View Lyrics
Mad Max Ay Em View Lyrics

Checkout Ay Em New album Dopamine including 10 songs & the lyrics penned by Ay Em

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