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Grim Lyrics – K.A.A.N ft AFRO | Dem Jointz | Kaizen Album

Checkout new song Grim lyrics penned and sung by KAAN ft AFRO.

K.A.A.N has released his new song Grim ft A-F-R-O from his new album Kaizen and its lyrics are written by both of these artists.

Grim Lyrics

I am taking my time to get the feel then adjust
I scope it all, I seen the writings on the wall
I read the room then moved along

I am watching for snakes in my lawn and the longest arm of the law
We need body armor and bombs, I am embalming them like Saddam

A sadistic ritual form, it’s in my nature I guess
I digress, back to the art for the of which I am obsessed
The sonics connect like I am RZA, bring it straight to yo’ neck

I navigated through neglect and take the necessary steps
I pivot just to elevate, allowing my words to set in
To sеt the record straight, the rеalism’s how it resonates

Because of the shadow in a song but fate a predetermined date
The derelict known to deceive, to put a want over a need
To fulfill the feeling of greed, the animalistic instinct

We been on the brink of extinction, the spiritual awakening releasing
The consciousness of the mind is peaking
Within a steady ground where there’s nothing new to believe in

Internal been my battle, where I fight my grievances
Demons been trying to steer me down a one-way with a blindfold
Heaven and hell, where we headed well only God knows
Either way they giving toe tags with a barcode

I hope we find the resolution
I hope we find the resolution
‘Cause it all looks grim
It all looks grim

I hope we find the resolution
I hope we find the resolution
‘Cause it all looks grim
It all looks grim

Yo yo, Fro, Fro, yo
K.A.A.N, A-F-R-O
Make way, say when
Stay blessed, y’all so

The rhymes that I rap are grim like MF with my wins and my bicep
Lyrically benchpress, never will be boredom when you are listening to the big foot

Leave your power shortage and then Fro disappear in the woods
Onto a gritty battle like drug addicts in the alley, it can get grim

Mortality waiting, it get challenging
The notoriety of knowing crime is emotionless
The [?], the culprit, what kind of commotion is this?

The one that go gung-ho, hole in your lungs slow, quid pro quo
The cops close in, I am running low
Six foot three, the suspect is black and spanish

Crooked police, see me a threat, have to vanish
Have to manage, in this ice cold life like an eskimo, damage the mic
When I am on sight, I am ’bout to let it fro

Song Credits – 

Song – Grim
Singer/Lyricist – K.A.A.N ft A-F-R-O
Album – Kaizen

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