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M3 Raps Lyrics – Zayn (Prod by Tiny G Beats)

Checkout New song M3 Raps lyrics penned by Malik Mervis and sung by Zayn

Zayn has released his new song M3 Raps and its lyrics are written by Malik Mervis. Howeverm the song is produced by Tiny G Beats.

M3 Raps Lyrics

Social media got these niggas suss
The streets I come from got me dangerous
Told my dawgs I won’t say nothin’ on these rap songs to imprison us
The life I live is filled with disappointment
Yet I head to some appointments
Knowing that I might not leave with who I came with
But it’s Money Bags, dough
You know it’s in my blood though
Hate it when the funds low
All my boys groomed solid cause we from the mud though
I got destinations to reach
Women I gotta meet
Nights I gotta repeat
My nigga I’m from streets
Sometimes I really don’t know better
I been out the streets but they still consider me Hugh Hefner
These my confessions
In the form of rap songs, no fedie agreements
If my back against the wall, I’m up through the ceiling
Ties with my brothers curtesy loyalty reasons
Interrogation room, cat took my tongue away
Know nothing anyway
Yeah I’m still stuck in my ways
It’s like I’m in a wagon dawg sometimes I get carried away
I’m the king of the jungle and I’m still searching for prey
And I’m rap’s assassin, cause I make killings everyday
Mind of a savage, I was brought up a different way
Yo I come from a long line of underpaid slaves
But I ain’t trippin cause
I’m the heir of the game’s crown
There’s nothing more to say

The Young M3 I’m on some different shit
When I was young I took an L, I ain’t know what to do
But nowadays I just follow through
With age comes wisdom
Wisdom from the pain
Dawg I won’t remain
In the place where I shit
I’m tryna eat nigga word to Shane
Yo the the game’s in disarray
All these niggas are to blame
Don’t be stepping at me funny nigga you might get pistol whipped
The youngest that’s in VIP
Young M3 the preacher of the streets
The whole hood bumpin’
And I really got these hatin’ ass niggas mean muggin’
Yeah it don’t mean nothin’
Currency motivated like Makaveli
Some things I don’t discuss over the telly
What’s gonna happen next dawg ain’t no tellin’
That’s double homicide
My niggas down the ride
When I was a prince I saw the world at the top of the slide
The laws they put in place, I struggle abiding
These honeys love me like I’m Joe Bidden
Not because of stimmys
Because I got them steaming up like chimneys
When I rap, I become an extremist
I think we’re in agreement
That I am the meanest
That the flow cleanest
My demeanour screaming, “Kingin’!“
Imma be the greatest
Y’all can keep that fame shit
‘Till I ‘cide otherwise
My niggas is wiseguys
Young M3 I’m reporting to straight from the other side

M3 raps, M3 stacks, M3 racks (NIGGA)
M3’s back, M3’s axe, M3 facts (NIGGA)
Elite Volume 2, Elite Is My Crew
What you gonna do? (NIGGA)
M3 racks, M3 stacks, M3’s back!

Song Credits –

Song – M3 Raps
Singer – Zayn
Lyricist – Malik Mervis
Producer – Tiny G Beats

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