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Pick it up Lyrics – Riles ft Leone | Cosmo

Checkout new song Pick it up lyrics penned and sung by Riles ft Leone

Riles has released his new song Pick it up and its lyrics are written by him. However, Cosmo has produced this song.

Pick it up Lyrics

Pick it up, new G-wagon
Hop it in give me brains
How can I get more patience
Speed it up bish my kishta drains
I get up with my dragon
How could I miss my chance ?
How could I get more vacant
Beefing my flows or switch my range of
My bitches love it
I toss it
You wish, I shop it
I mix, I own it
We tie splits
Advance, Exclusive
A lot, but losing
Refuse it
Shit is a ‘soucis’
Rapping for Suzy’s
You soothing

Pick it up
Fool distractions
How can I get more gems
How can I get more patience
Run it up bish my kishta spreads
Everyone taste my spices
Nobody match my taste
How can I get more decent
Double the stoves
And serve em what they
Starving undertake it
As a matter of fact don’t fake it
Put a VV on my estate
Dodging mediation these days
I like stressing
I like tensions
I like wearing off frustration
Made a milli on depression
Then a city off relations

Bamboula, j’suis léwé
La banner, c’est rodave
J’fais le show, tu fais du merch
Chappoté, bas côté
Un 2 temps
Au voleur
Pas d’issues
Me dit quoi faire

Check my luck
Write my checks
Wear my tusk
Where’s my jinx?
Shut my 3ein
Wash my junk
Shit sustain
First you plan
Then you play
Easy man
Schemes shift
Seasons change
Once I thought It was about the mula
Then I learn to make ’em small steps
How’d I forget time is all that we got
Out of love I wasn’t counting

Count bro, man, the fuck you mean?
You better count your time
Your money…

Song Credits – 

Song – Pick it up
Singer – Riles
Lyricist – Riles
Ft – Leone
Producer – Cosmo

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