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The Laughing Man Lyrics – St. Vincent (Prod by Jack Antonoff)

Checkout new song the laughing man lyrics penned by St. Vincent & Jack Antonoff

St. Vincent has released her new song The Laughing Man from her new album “Daddy’s home” and its lyrics are written by St. Vincent and Jack Antonoff & they also produced this song.

The Laughing Man Lyrics

(911, what’s your emergency?)
I’m in love
(I see, so how can I help you?)
I can hear the angels weeping
So why do I feel like sleeping?

Little birds, little birds
Chirp, chirp, chirp
Singing like the day is perfect
But to me they sound psychotic

I know you’re gone, you left the scene
Heaven had more important things
But I can’t sleep
I know you know exactly what I need

If life’s a joke, then I’m dying laughing

Brown liquor, why not? Sure
Like the heroines of Cassavetes
I’m underneath the influence daily

Remember when (remember when)
We were kids (just kids)
Best of friends (best of friends)
Our grass stains and chicken dinners
Millthorpe miles and secret stitches
Half pipes and Playstation
Suicidal ideation

I know you’re gone, you dropped the scene
Left all of your guitars to me
But I can’t play
I know you know exactly what I’m saying

If life’s a joke, then I’m dying laughing

Song Credits – 

Song – The Laughing Man
Singer – St. Vincent
Producers/Lyricists – St. Vincent & Jack Antonoff
Album – Daddy’s Home

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