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Don’t Fold Shotta Spence Lyrics (Prod by Kakuyon)

Checkout Shotta Spence new song Don't Fold Lyrics

Shotta Spence has released an official vide of his new song Don’t Fold and its lyrics are written by Shotta Spence and Kakuyon has produced the music for this song.

Don’t Fold Lyrics Shotta spence

Militant, oh, militant
For your love, I’m killing shit
They gon’ call me villainous
But I’ll pay that price
In a sense I’m innocent
‘Cause to my kin, I’m heaven sent
‘Cause I don’t wish, no I don’t wish
For you to stay on my side

Oh, ’cause we got us, I don’t need no one else
No, don’t need no one else
Oh, and all I need is watch and change [?] us
Nobody but us

Don’t wanna end up like the rest of them, rest of them, just
Losing faith, finding themselves wondering what they coulda been, hey
And I been crushed before so it’s hard for me to trust again
Why can’t I stop this pain alone, alone?

Don’t fold
Don’t fold on me
Don’t change on me
Do loyalty

Limitless, oh, limitless
Don’t know what a ceiling is
Witnesses, just witnesses
There’s only one judge in the end
Wickedness, oh, wickedness
They won’t see me finished with
But we don’t fall, no, we don’t bend
No not on this side

[?] yeah
No hatred in my heart, I pray for them pray for them
Still I can’t stop just this paranoia
Because realness ain’t the same to everyone

Don’t fold
Don’t fold on me
Don’t change on me
Do loyalty

Song Credits

Song – Don’t Fold
Singer/Lyricist – Shotta Spence
Producer –  Kakuyon

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