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Feeling Myself Wolf Alice Lyrics | Blue Weekend Album

Checkout Wolf Alice new song Feeling Myself Lyrics

Wolf Alice new song Feeling Myself is out and its lyrics are written by Theo Ellis, Ellie Rowsell, Jonathan Oddie and Joel Amey.

However, this song is produced by Markus Dravs for Wolf Alice’s new album Blue Weekend.

Feeling Myself Lyrics Wolf Alice

He’s had so many lovers
Don’t mean he’s been pleasing anyone
Doesn’t matter ’bout numbers
When it’s breaking news that it takes two to love

I was always taught to give
Give and make it good
Just as misunderstood as him
‘Cause that’s no way to live
And that’s no way to play the game of love

Now I’m really feeling myself
Yeah, I really feel myself

Let’s explore the space
‘Cause I’ve been moving in circles though my love doesn’t take any shape
I watch you as you’re watching me
This love’s for free
Keep my name on your lips
Let the double L feel like a kiss

(She lifts off out her body)

I’m really feeling myself
You can watch me as I feel myself
So much better when I

(I’m really feeling myself)

Song Credits –

Song – Feeling Myself
Singer – Wolf Alice
Lyricists – Theo Ellis, Ellie Rowsell, Jonathan Oddie and Joel Amey
Producer – Markus Dravs
Album – Blue Weekend

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