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Oh Girl Niia Lyrics (Prod by Rushon Davis)

Checkout Niia new song Oh Girl lyrics from If i should die album

Niia has released her new song Oh Girl and its lyrics are written by Joanne Tang and Niia Bertino.

However, this song is produced by Robin Hannibal, Niia Bertino, Dominique Rushon Davis and Aidan Carroll for Niia’s new album “If I Should Die”.

Oh Girl Lyrics

It’s four in the morning and the conversation ainʼt boring
There’s just something about you
But I donʼt know you
But I want to

With those cute shoes and a tattoo, yeah
That says always blue
Always blue, yeah
And I think Iʼm really into you

And now the red wine is hitting me
Tell me is it stronger here in Sicily?
Maybe we should slow it
Down down down

Take it easy
Come on, sweetie
Believe me
Iʼve never done anything in my life like this before
And Iʼm not surе but I want more, yeah

Oh girl, girl
Nevеr met a boy who could hang as long as you can
Poured a glass of wine while you cut a few more lines now
You can be my guide
Follow you all night

Girl you know I’m in the mood right now
Whisper in my ear
You can cast a spell on me
Before the sun comes out

Count to three and hypnotize me
Moonlight on your silky skin
Dive in to your Yang and Ying and mystery
Oh you got me drowning drowning

The sparkles in your eyes
Wanna dig deeper when you sigh
The heat is rising as we get closer
The chemistry’s so right

Don’t ever stop the music
It is a dream, but why so lucid?
Your sweet refrain on repeat again
Imma make you call my name and say
Oh girl

Song Credits –

Song – Oh Girl
Singer – Niia
Lyricists  – Joanne Tang & Niia Beretino
Producers  – Robin Hannibal, Niia Bertino, Dominique Rushon Davis and Aidan Carroll
Album – If i should die

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