Song Composure Nas Lyrics feat Hit-Boy

Composure Lyrics – Nas presents us with new song Composure ft Hit-Boy and its lyrics are penned by Nas, Hit Boy, Rogét Chahayed, Earl Taylor & Shaka Senghor for King’s Disease II Album.

Nas New Song Composure Lyrics ft Hit-Boy

Ayo Hit I like this IE weather

Aye, look
Vote yes on Hit-Boy bitch I’m the city spokesman
They see we got this shit crackin’ and now they spirit broken
I’m standin’ on the green like the British Open
And stackin’ ice on top of ice but I’m not building snowmen
Doctors couldn’t even detect my disorders

One case, six figures on six different lawyers
I put my soul in every song with limited support
Focused on the output not the outcome big God is my source
Spirit of excellence in my genetics

Complexities come with my complexion
‘Fore you shut me down let me reach my level first
Y’all be too proud to do the devil’s work
All that actin’ and fakin’ I can’t take part in it
I’m washin’ my hands with the soap opera shit

Set the cameras to speed, co-directed KD
But we know the caged bird sings and screams when it’s free
Every second I spit on this I got it back in blessings
You can’t stop and run no errands on the way to legend

They shoulda told em I’m raising up on the totem
Yeah, boilin’ over, pot full of yola
Mix it with the cola
Son of a block controlla
Can’t let em fuck me over
Gotta keep my composure look

Had yellow jaundice when I was born
Kept me in an incubator, ten days long
I made up songs, I was like humming tunes ten years later
Writin’ in my room ten years after that on stage like it’s too soon, but
For me see, my parents met inside a nightclub

Olu started to fight and then my moms broke it up
She said this boy he’s in the Navy, settle down before ya’ll need savin’
Pop went to war around the world, came home we celebrated

Fast forward to when I started to play ball
From a place where we hate law
See the Jakes and we take off
(Whoop whoop)

Hit the gate I get home and take my chain off
Thankful I got through the day and all the evil I prayed off
Everything is cause and effect
Make the wrong moves in this business you lose all your respect

My block is dark as it gets
We all make mistakes only a few will recover from em
Don’t spend your whole life runnin’ from em
Run up the numbers

Shoulda told em I’m raising up on the totem
Yeah, boilin’ over, pot full of yola

Mix it up with the cola
Son of a queen and a soldier
Can’t let em fuck me over
Gotta keep my composure look

Keep your composure
On city blocks
And cell blocks
Keep your composure
Hold it down
Hold it tight
Hold it close
Hold space for yourself

It’s the way of the ancestors
Our elders
Our artists
Our OGs
Our dreamers
Our builders

With each breath internalize their successes
Their struggles
Their sense of self
Their sense of overcoming
And take that power forward with you in life

Remind yourself of the magnitude of your good fortune
And the mere chance, one in billions, that you survived
That you will thrive
And even the strongest kings and queens being, yet remain unbroken

Keep your composure
And believe in the magic of who we are
‘Cause what you believe is everything
And what someone believes about you, is nothing
Keep your composure
I am Shaka Senghor

Song Credits –

Song – Composure
Singer – Nas ft Hit-Boy
Lyricists – Nas, Hit-Boy, Rogét Chahayed, Earl Taylor & Shaka Senghor
Producer – Hit-Boy
Album – King’s Disease II

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