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Pink Pantheress Song All My Friends Know Lyrics

Checkout Pink Pantheress new song All My Friends know lyrics

Pink Pantheress All My Friends Know Lyrics – New Song All My Friends Know is penned by Sven Torstenson & Pink Pantheress. Music for this song is given by Kairos Laferme & Dill Aitchison.

All My Friends Know Lyrics

Did you ever want me? No worries if not
It’s just that I told my mum, she thinks we’re still going strong
She knows that I’m so fond of you that she can’t ignore
How everyday she knocks, but I don’t answer my door

Every time I look outside my house I try to make myself believe
I can look at nature and feel good again
You just called and text to say ‘I want to talk’, but I’m too scared to meet
Is that why you think the worst of me?

Say we’ll make up
Why’d you say that?
Why’d you break her?
‘Cause I never got to teach myself at all
How to not show
Myself, let go
All my friends know
That you think the worst of me

Even though you broke my heart
Now we’re different worlds apart
Now I’ve blocked you since I’m smart
Never got to teach myself at all
Now that all that’s done and said
I see all the time I spent
Not talking to my best friend
‘Cause I thought the worst of me

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